Mobile devices do not register/check in

KB#:  KKB000950

Note:  This article applies to VSA version 6.3 and MDM version 1.1 and later only

There can be many causes of this behavior, but is commonly caused when the external address is misconfigured within the VSA's Mobile function.  


  • Devices will not register or reregister
  • Devices do not check-in, even after clicking the "Check In" button within the mobile device app


Verify the VSA's Mobile System Settings are properly configured.  

Navigate to Mobile > System Settings

In the Web Services Protocol section, verify the protocol, external name, and port are all valid.  Note that the External name should NOT include a leading http:// or https://.  



The protocol type defined should match the protocol used on the port defined.  A protocol of https on port 80 will likely fail.  Conversely, the http protocol on port 443 will likely fail.  For custom ports, ensure the protocol matches what you have defined within your network infrastructure for the port selected.  Contact your network administrator if you are unsure of the port's defined protocol.

Alternatively, admins can click the "Use Default" button at the top of the Mobile > System Settings page.  This will attempt to gather the default settings from the VSA configuration.  Please note:  clicking this button will reset ALL values on this page to defaults, including the System Settings and Default Device Settings sections.

After making any necessary changes, click the "Save" button at the top of the page.  If you find the changes are not saved, ensure your VSA is up to date on hotfixes.  Navigate to System > Configure and click the "Get Latest Hotfix" or "Process Hotfixes" button.

Applies To:

VSA v6.3 and later
MDM v.1.1 and later 

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