Installing KMDM Agents

KB# - KKB000832

Question - I have installed KMDM on my VSA. How do I install a mobile agent onto my mobile devices? 

Answer -

There are 3 methods of creating & installing Agent:

Method 1 - Create an account and send an invitation via SMS - Used to register a single device that has a phone number. A random identification number is then created & used to identify the Servier ID of the VSA from there.

Method 2 - Download directly from App Store – Used to install without an invitation. Still requires the unique server ID to complete.

• Note: This can be used for setting up mass mobile agent installations. Send a message/email to these device subscribers with the following:

- The URL to download the app: (Redirects to the iTunes Store for iOS & Google Market for Android)  

- List your Server ID and instruct users to input the server ID when the app is downloaded and launched.

Method 3 - Send an email with the server ID - Used to register multiple devices, whether or not the devices have phone numbers.

• Note: This is only to be done via one device/email address at a time.

• Note: You can optionally email the Android Kaseya Mobile Agent as an attachment in this email (use this when encountering "unsupported" devices    running a compatible Android device). When doing this, if you mail the application out attached, it will not automatically upgrade so send out updated    versions and manually uninstall the old.


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