Using Location Tracking in KMDM

KB# - KKB000829

Question - What does the KMDM Device Location Tracking feature do and not do?

Answer -


  • This feature not a Navigation system. Real time tracking is not supported (or feasible)
  • Points reported by the GPS can be inaccurate if the device not have a good satellite fix.
  • Getting a good fix takes time (sometimes minutes), the agent will wait a max of 45 seconds before reporting.
  • Conserving Battery Life
    • Turning device tracking off contributes the most to conserving the battery life of devices. Setting the agent check-in interval to a longer interval will also conserve the battery life of devices.
  • Saving Battery Life
    • Use the Get Current Location command if you only need to know the location of a device "on demand (next checkin)
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