The link to obtain a Google Map API key is no longer valid

KB #: KKB000882


The Location tracking features of Kaseya Mobile Device Management require a Google Map API key. The link provided in the VSA and related instructions are not working. 


Google has recently changed the way keys are generated for Google Maps. The signup link ( embedded in the Location section of Kaseya Mobile Device Management, as well as the current instructions on the Online Help, are no longer valid.


Kaseya Engineering is working to create a hotfix to change the link as well as updating the Help files. In the meantime, please use the revised instructions below.   Please note that these instructions are for users who have not previously created an API project with Google APIs.  If your Google account has been used previously to create APIs, you may not need to "Create project..." or enable the Google Maps API v2, as outlined below.  


1.  Launch a browser to

2.  Sign in with your Google account

3.  Click the "Create project..." button

4.  Select the "Services" tab on the left of the page

5.  Locate "Google Maps API v2"

6.  This API is most likely "Off" at this time.  Click "Off", check the "I agree to these terms" box, then click Accept.  This should return you to the Services page and the Google Maps API v2 should now be listed as "On".  You should also see some additional tabs in the list on the left of the page.

7.  Click the API Access tab
8.  You should now be able to click the "Create a new Server key..." button.  Go ahead and click that button, copy the new API key, and paste that into the VSA as described in the KKB article.

9.  When prompted with the following dialogue, leave "Accept requests from these server IP addresses" blank and click the "Create" button

10.  Navigate to Mobile > System Settings and enter the Google Maps API Key in the appropriate field:



11.  Click the "Save" button at the top of the page


We will update this article when the upcoming hotfix has been published. 


Kaseya v6.2, Mobile Device Management.

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