Manually Update Mobile Agent Installation Files


  • HOW DO I... 

    ...ensure that I have the latest Kaseya Mobile Agent versions?



    The latest Mobile Agents are always pushed to their respective App store (ie.: iTunes Store, Google Market, etc...). Users can then download them from there, etc...

    Additionally, as a safeguard, the latest Mobile Agents are also hotfixed to the VSA KMDM location of <VSAInstallDir>\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\Mobile\Install. This is incase one is using the method of emailing the mobile agent file out as an attachment to unsupported devices and so on. 

    Note - Though rare, at times, these files are not yet released via hotfix or available on their respective app store listing and the customer may be in need of them more immediately. Kaseya Support then sets the customer up with access to those files from there.

    In this case, should you have received the latest Kaseya Mobile Agent installation files via a support request, the following details how to update these files:

    1 - On your VSA App machine, navigate to <VSAInstallDir>\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\Mobile\Install.

    2 -  Backup and/or rename the current files being replaced in this location.

    3 - Place the newly downloaded files herein.

    4 - Regenerate an email with the attached Mobile Agent file to ensure that the latest version is now used. Send this to customers informing them to manually uninstall the old version, install this one, re-bind the server ID, etc...


    Kaseya Mobile Device Management (KMDM)
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