iOS devices will not complete some commands, including Audit, Report Apps, and/or Profile assignments

KB#:  KKB000992


This article applies to registration and command processing issues with iOS (Apple) devices ONLY

Please note that there have been several changes recently to address the issues described above.  If you have attempted these steps in the past without resolution, please do so again as the changes made should allow for the registration and command processes to complete.


Attempt to reregister the device

  1. From the mobile device, launch the Kaseya MDM app
  2. Click the “Login” button in the upper right corner of the app
  3. Enter the ServerID of the VSA (found on the Mobile > System Settings page)
  4. If not pre-populated, enter a Device Name
  5. Click the Login button again
  6. A popup should appear prompting to Cancel and Exit OR Complete Login.  Click Complete Login.
  7. If prompted that the device is currently paired with a management server, click Continue
  8. A dialog titled “Step 2” will appear.  Click Continue.
  9. At the Install Profile window, click the Install button
  10. A the Warning window, click the Install button
  11. If prompted, provide the device’s passcode to proceed with installation
  12. Once the profile is installed, click Done
  13. A browser (Safari) window may open.  Close this app and launch the Kaseya app.
  14. Click the “Check In” button
  15. On the VSA, verify the device completes all commands including the Audit and Report Apps commands (this process can take a few minutes to complete).

If after completing the above the device still does not complete the commands, it may be necessary to delete the device record from the VSA prior to reregistration.  To do so, navigate to Mobile > Device Status > select the entry for the device, then click Delete.  If there are multiple entries for the same device, please delete all related records.  Once the records have been deleted from the VSA, attempt the reregistration process outlined above. 


Note:  This process can begin with the deletion of the device from the VSA and follow with the reregistration.  The delete step was not included as a requirement as it may not be necessary in all cases.

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