Legacy VSA agent on Red Hat Enterprise 7/CentOS 7

VSA legacy GNU/Linux agent works for RHEL 7.0/CentOS 7.0

Step to install the agent:

a) From a GNU/Linux machine open a Firefox or Chrome browser in a Gnome session and log into the VSA.
   . Display the Agent > Install Agents > Deploy Agents page.
   . Click the Click to download default Agent hyperlink to begin downloading the the default agent install package. A GNU/Linux agent install package will download.

Note: Alternately, you can create your own GNU/Linux package by pressing Create Package and stepping through the wizard.

b) Change permissions of such that it is executable (e.g. 'chmod +x') and run as sudo user (e.g. 'sudo ./').
    . If this fail please follow this KB
c) Once this completes, one should be able to see that an instance of AgentMon is running as a daemon and the VSA should now recognize this machine.

d) If you see from /var/log/messages the following error:
  [AgentMon][13573]: Lua::start: Access failCount for "/opt/Kaseya/TESTJH78739253648180/extensions/lua" (Permission denied).

  That is because the permissions of the binary lua is not set correctly. It should be executable. You can manually fix this by going to that directory and doing 'sudo chmod +x lua'.

e) Optional step would be add the VSA host name/ip-address in /etc/hosts, so that the next time the machine is rebooted, it's going to recognize the host name of the VSA, otherwise the AgentMon will have trouble communicating to the VSA and will not be able to checkin.

What is working:
1) Periodic checkins by this GNU/Linux machine.
2) Agent is was able to run an audit.
3) Remote Control SSH to the GNU/Linux from the VSA website. (Remote Control > Files/Processes > SSH)

4) Uninstall is working.

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