Problem with Organisation names with --- (three Hyphens) in them

You create an Organisation or machine group with --- (three hyphens) in it, for example, acme---corp.
You find that agents will not check in to this group. The agent will install on the target machine and appear to be running, but when you check the Kaseya web interface, the agents are not checking in.

Kaseya now does constant inspections of the data that is received via HTTP(S) and agent communications.
Any data that is received that is not correctly formatted, or is recognised as being potentially dangerous (SQL inject attack for example), will be instantly dropped so that the traffic does not reach any critical systems
The three hyphens in the Org name, although itself not a problem in the example above, could be part of an SQL query and as such is flagged as unwanted/dangerous traffic and is dropped.
The result of this is that the agent is not able to check in this this name.

Rename the Organisation to use a single hyphen.
Unfortunately, any agents that have been deployed to a group with this name will no longer be able check-in.
They will try to check in with the invalid name, and so will not be told about the change.
The only solution to this is to reinstall the agent on these machines, or

1. Go to the System Tab -> Organisation tab
2. Rename the invalid Organisation
3. Go to the Agent Tab -> Deploy Agents page
4. Click the "create package" button and start the wizard
5. Importantly, on Step3, make sure that you add the "/r" switch to force the installer to overwrite the existing (invalid) settings with the new ones
6. Follow the wizard to the end
7. Download this new installer and run this on the machine

This has been reported to the engineering team - they are aware of this issue.

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