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How to migrate agents to another VSA instance


How can I migrate agents from one VSA server to another?


If migrating to a new server which is a replica of the original server, agents can be re-directed using Agent > Check-in Control page. On both the new and old VSA servers, set Primary Kserver to the address of the new server.

If migrating to a brand new or separate VSA instance, it is necessary to deploy a new agent using an install package created from the instance you are migrating to. This can be done using an agent procedure from the original VSA instance.

Here are the steps to achieve this: -

1) On the new VSA instance, go to Agent > Packages > Manage Packages

2) Create a silent install package which inlcudes /r /w /s switches -

3) Click on the hyper-linked name of the package you just created

4) Click on the link to copy download link to your clipboard

5) On the old VSA instance, go to Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Schedule/Create

6) Select a folder to create the agent procedure in, then click Import Folder/Procedure button

7) Select the file "Procedure Deploy agent for new VSA.xml" which is attached to this KB article - this will create an agent procedure called "Deploy agent for new VSA"

8) Edit the agent procedure and replace the web page URL in step 2 with the link you copied to the clipboard in step 4:


9) Save the procedure and schedule it on agents that need to be migrated. Please note that each agent will download 36 MB from the VSA server. To avoid bandwidth issues, use Distribution window to prevent too many concurrent downloads. You may also consider deploying the installer to a LAN share on larger sites and modifying the procedure to run it from there instead of downloading from VSA.

10) Once the agents have checked into the new VSA, the "old" agent can be removed using Agent > Install Agents > Delete page

Maintaining org/group structure

By default, new agents check into "unnamed" organisation, unless specified when creating the agent install package. If you want to maintain the same org/group structure on the new VSA after migration, the organisations and groups must be re-created manually. Migrated agents can then be assigned to correct groups in one of the following ways: 

- Create install package for each group, specifying the group to install the agent into

- Use System > System Preferences > Naming Policy function to specify group membership based on connection gateway or IP address range



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