How To: Get the Latest PerfTest.asp Page

This page only accessible to on-premise customer


Kaseya provides an internal page that allows you to review your database and VSA performance. This page is accessible by being logged in as a master role/scope user and navigating to:


<<vsa url>>/inc/perftest.asp


We regularly update this page to include new sections and checks in the patching process, but often we wish to facilitate providing customers this new information outside of the patch cycle. 


Please follow the steps below to get the latest perfTest.asp page 


Updated 10/27/2015


1) Download the attached perfTest.asp page

2) Navigate to <<kaseya installation>\Kaseya\WebPages\inc

3) Move the existing perfTest.asp page to the Desktop

4) Drop the new attached perfTest.asp into this directory

5) Navigate to <<vsa url>>/inc/perftest.asp and confirm the page has been updated.

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