How can I add Dutch language support to my Kaseya server?


How can I add Dutch language support to my Kaseya server?



If you need to apply the Dutch Enduser Portal on a server, please follow the following steps:

1.Make sure you have the “sa” password of the SQL server you want to apply it on. If the server runs SQL Express 2005, you will need to install the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express to reset the password. Download here:

2.Download the attachments below and place them on your Kaseya server.

3.Unzip the, browse through the tree to run the executable, translations.exe.

4.While in the translations.exe program, go to the “Deploy” tab.

5.Fill in the correct details (language=Dutch, make sure Server Name is the same as the SQL studio), select the downloaded XML file and press Deploy.

6.Wait for the completion message to appear, displayed to the right of the Deploy button.

7.You now have made the language pack available in you VSA.

8.To activate it, you need to change a setting on an agent.. Go to Kaseya->Agent->Edit Profile and select Dutch for the machines you would like to have the Dutch Language End User Portal.


Please note that this is not a fully supported patch. This has been written by Kaseya, but is not a complete language pack yet.




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