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With TrendMicro Antivirus Agent/Server-related softwre installed on Windows agent machines, the Kaseya Agent fails to check into the VSA, even after the agent machine reboots. The Kaseya Agent Service is not able to stopped as well. How do I resolve this?




I am running TrendMicro SMB Worry-Free software. This software feature will not allow my Kaseya Windows Agent-based machines to check in. What do I do from here?



Trend Micro Antivirus software has some additional features which act as a firewall and do not allow the Kaseya agent to check into its specified VSA.



Disable the behavior-monitoring service in the TrendMicro Antivirus software.




If you are using TrendMicro Officescan 10.0, please see the following:


As per TrendMicro, here is what to do to resolve the issue:

To disable the TM Unauthorized Change Prevention Service to all clients from the OSCE server, kindly, do the following:

1. From the OfficeScan server, browse to the ..\PCCSRV directory

2. Edit the OFCSCAN.INI

3. Locate EnableAEGIS=1

4. Modify the value to 0

5. Save the changes made to the file.

To push the changes to the clients, do either Steps 6-8 or Step 9

6. Login to the OfficeScan Management Console

7. Browse to Networked Computers > Global Client Settings

8. Click Save

9. From the client, restart the OfficeScan NT Listener service

10. Reboot the OSCE Client machine

11. After the reboot, check to make sure that TM Unauthorized Change Prevention Service is set to Stop and Manual status.

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