HOWTO: How do I change the port that the Kaseya VSA web console runs on from port 80?


We currently use port forwarding or Network Address Translation (NAT) to make one or more web servers available on an external IP address, one of which currently uses either port 80 or port 443.

How do I make the Kaseya web console available externally on the same IP address?



You can configure the Kaseya VSA web console to listen on different address than the default of port 80 (forHTTP traffic) and/or port 443 (for HTTPS / SSL traffice).

The Kaseya VSA web console uses the underlying IIS website configuration to determine which port to listen to.

To change the web port the Kaseya web site runs on:

1. Open Internet Service Manager or Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. 
2. If necessary, expand the Web server that you want, and then expand Web Sites. 
3. Right-click the Web site that you want to change. 
4. Click Properties. 
5. Click the Web Site tab. 
6. Change the TCP Port Number in the TCP Port edit box (or click Advanced for multiple Port settings). 
7. Click OK to save the changes.
8. Log in to the VSA on the new port and go to System tab > Configure - click the "Reapply Schema" link to update any URL references in the DB

You can then configure port forwarding on the router or external firewall to forward traffic on the new port through to the Kaseya server.


The Kaseya VSA web console should detect when it is configured to listen to a different port, and automatically reconfigures itself as required.

If you experience any problems with this configuration change,use iisreset tool bundled with Windows restart the IIS service or schedule a restart of IIS. For more details on iisreset, see the Microsoft tech net article



Kaseya VSA web console
Port 80 (HTTP)
Port 443 (HTTPS / SSL)
Alternate ports 8080 , 8008, 280, 480etc.
Port forwarding
Network Address Translating (NAT)

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