Collecting last reboot times for the agent

Question: I use v6.2 or later Kaseya VSA software. I want to ensure that my installed agents record the proper last reboot time. Is there anything specific for this to be done as such?

The Agent UpTime Log section in the Agent > Machine Status > Log History is what is used to track the agent last reboot time as of v6.2 VSA software onwards. It needs a value greater than 0 to ensure proper last reboot time collection for agents (note - in v6.2 and later, via a recent hotfix, you now are required to keep this setting to '1' at the least going forward).
Note that once this value is set from '0' to something greater on an installed agent, to immediately have the last reboot time show for the related agent machines, do the following:
1 - Set Agent UpTime Logs to be retained for issue machines via Agent > Machine Status > Log History - Enable Uptime Logs for all machines or via KPM policy w/ latest KPM hotfixes if using KPM.
2 - Run the Force Check-in procedure on the issue machines.
3 - If the agent last reboot time still does not update after that for certain agent machines, run a force update on those agent machines via the Agent > Update Agent page and this
information with then populate.

Applies To:
Kaseya Agent - v6.2 and later

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