Workaround for v4.8.x to v5.x group renaming/change issues

KB#:  KKB000469

We have some offline v4.8.x or earlier agents that were never updated to v5.x after the server was upgraded. We want to rename them or move to a different group, but the selection box is grayed out on these functions. How do I fix this?

It is not possible to rename or change groups in v5.x for agents which are still on 4.8.x or earlier, because of changes to the database structure. The DB record for the machine does not get updated until the agent is updated (this was to allow earlier agent versions to check into a 5.x server). Rename and change group functions in 5.x rely on the data being converted.

There is no way to move or rename the agent without bringing it online and updating it.

If you no longer have access to the original machine, a possible workaround would be to temporarily install the agent to a different machine using the "Download/Email Agent Installation" link for the offline account on the Agent > Create function. This will maintain the config and history for the offline agent, and allow you to update it then move group and uninstall without deleting the account. If you do this, ensure no scripts are pending on the account that will update the data such as audits or patch scans.


Kaseya 2008 (v5.0) and above
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