Is there a way of checking agent online / offline state in the registry?

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Are there any key values in the registry that indicates the status of Kaseya Agent (online or offline)? Because I want to write a function in our network logon vbscript, and have the logon script write the status to an output file.


The Agent keeps the "offline" state in memory so there is no place to check in the registry. Here is a suggestion to give a mostly reliable indication of an Agent being offline: -

1) Get the path from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\AgentMon.Exe\Path
2) Look for the kasError.log file in the directory specified in #1
3) If kasError.log has a line with an entry that contains the substring "Agent offline - ", then that means the agent is offline as long as there is no entry at that that says "Agent online - ".

Typically, the kasError.log file empty when the Agent is online because that file is uploaded during a full checkin.



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