How do I reload the Active-X controls in KLC for a Windows managed machine?

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How do I reload the Active-X controls in KLC for a Windows managed machine?

The KLC Plug-ins are stuck at the loading screen, is there a way I can force the reloading of these plug-ins?



A good hint that this may be needed is if there are Conflict.X (where X = 1, 2, etc...) directories in the<WinOS_Install_Partition>:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files directory. These folders would look like the following:

Conflict.1, Conflict.2, etc...

<WinOS_Install_Partition>:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files is a special directory that you cannot navigate to or manage with the Windows file Explorer. One needs to use a cmd prompt to do any work there.

In this directory, one is to clean the browser side system of Conflict directories + unregister and delete the potentially outdated dlls/ocxs. The following steps will resolve this:

1. Close IE
2. Save to the disk of the offending system and unzip it to reveal its batch file.
3. Start a command prompt and type cd “<WinOS_Install_Partition>:\windows\downloaded program files” , where <WinOS_Install_Partition> = the partition that has Windows OS software installed to it.
4. Copy this batch file to this directory and run it.
5. If there are Conflict directories, remove each one, such asdel Conflict.1\*.* , rd Conflict.1 for example.

Doing this will force a reinstallation of the components the next time KLC is started.



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