Setup the Kaseya Agent into a computer OS image

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When rolling out a disk image to multiple machines with a Kaseya Agent, how should the Agent be deployed to avoid machine ID & GUID duplication problems?

Imaging a Mac machine with the Kaseya Mac Agent

Solution A)

It is also recommended to create these particular images with the targeted KcsSetup.exe file included in them (perhaps in the Windows temp directory) setup to run once via the registry (runonce). Here are Microsoft-related KB Articles links that further detail the runonce Registry features:
Solution B)

Set up an NT logon procedure to run a designated install package every time a user logs into the network. Windows 98 is not supported.
Solution C)

If your clients are in Active Directory environments, you could setup an Agent installation login script imaged within (be sure to include the /e switch in that particular package referenced in the login script). Solution A or B is further recommended, however this Active Directory logon script deployment policy is a possible option as well.


Imaging a Mac machine with the Kaseya Mac Agent


Solution A)

1 - After all final preparations are done in your image, download the intended Mac Agent installer to the master image machine.

2 - Disconnect the machine from the network and install the agent. Verify that the agent's kaseyad.ini file (located in /Library/Preferences) contains the default values.

3 - Create the master image and deploy it to the targeted machines.

This should not allow an agent account and GUID to be created on the machine until it is again connected to the network (via the imaged machine, etc...).


Solution B)

1 - Download the appropriate installer to a directory on the master image machine.

2 - Write a .sh script to execute the installer with appropriate admin privileges and place it in the /System/Library/StartupItems/ location. For it to only run once (only needed once), add the rm -f /System/Library/StartupItems/[SCRIPT_NAME].sh incantation to the end of the script so it deletes itself when done.

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