How do I manually uninstall the Kaseya Mac Agent?


How do I manually uninstall the Kaseya Mac Agent?


1. Download the file file from your VSA machine at \Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\macInstall\, and copy it onto the Mac.

Note - If you are a SaaS user, file a ticket with Kaseya Support referencing this KB Article and we will send this to you.

2. Expand the zip archive.

3. Run KaseyaUninstall.pkg installer and choose to Install to the Macintosh Harddrive. Although this appears to be installing a product, it is actually running the uninstallation script for the Kaseya agent.

4. Log in with the user that installed the agent initially and delete the /var/tmp/kpid file. To do this launch Terminal and run the "rm -rf /var/tmp/kpid" command.

5. Remove the agent with root rights, i.e. in Terminal run the "sudo rm -rf /var/tmp/kpid" command and then provide the root password

6. The Kaseya agent and associated files will be removed.


Keep in mind that for step 5 the machine needs to have a root password already active, i.e. a user with administrator rights has ran the "passwd root" command and created a password for root.


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