Duplicate Domain GUID in Kaseya Discovery

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Why am I getting error "Domain GUID reported by Netlogon is incorrect. Windows Active Directory issue must be fixed before this domain can be synced correctly"? Why are the Domain GUID's not matching correctly in Kaseya Discovery?


Kaseya Discovery checks for the domain GUID mismatch issue when it runs because it has been found to cause issues in the tracking of synced objects due to the fact that the domain GUID is incorrect in this case.

The cause is a bug in some OEM preinstalls of Windows Small Business Server (SBS). With this bug, the domain GUID entry in the registry entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SECURITY\Policy\PolDnDmG" on the DCs are out of sync with the Active Directory database. To fix it, we recommend contacting Microsoft support as per the article link below. The correct domain GUIDs can be found in the error message in Discovery.

You may review the KB article link to fix this issue:
If any duplicate domains appear in Kaseya after the changes have been implemented on the Active Directory, please submit a ticket for further investigation.


Kaseya v6.3
Kaseya Discovery

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