Service Desk ticket generated from KNM alert is missing an organization



SD ticket generated from KNM alert is missing an organization.




This is a known issue currently being investigated.




This Workaround includes using knm to generate email alerts instead of alert tickets. This email is then mapped by service desk  and correct organization is assigned.

Here are the steps for the workaround:


Free text Field Changes

This change needs to be made to every single device the company has in KNM – each Organization will have their unique name in the “Free Text” field.




NOTE: Example ONLY



Please note this free text field is not to have any other information in it at all – except for the Kaseya company ID.



KNM Message Template change



Note: Subject field in the message template lists ONLY - %[device.free_text] – this is where the free text field content writes the Organization name that was typed in the first step.

When the email is sent out it will pull through the Kaseya ID (Organization name) that was typed in this free text field.

The email is sent to the Service desk Inbound Email reader – so we have to get Service Desk to read this information from the subject field – the assign it to the Organization name of the Org. Then change it to the correct description of the alarm or alert.



Changes in Service Desk


Go to the ticket request email mapping procedure – and do the following



Go to Incident enters identified


At the very top of this procedure add the following line of code




That should now allow SD desk designs to continue with the desk work flow’s as the ticket now has an Organization name.


Applies To 

R7, R8,R9







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