KNMi (vsa 7.0) Module not available (Gray screen)

Please execute the below steps to attempt to resolve this issue. If the problem persists, please submit a support ticket with screenshots attached for further troubleshooting.


1) Check if previous version of KNM stand alone is installed

  • Scan the registry of Kaseya server to ensure knm is not previously installed by checking where the service points to.
  • Uninstall previously installed version by executing these commands
  • nmservice.exe -u, recordmanager.exe -u , nmservicelg.exe -u
  • Run the install again to install the latest version
  • Check event logs in application log

2) TCP/IP protocol for an SQL server instance must be enabled

  • Open sql server configuration manger and click the Instance where Kaseya is installed and ensure TCP/IP is Enabled


  • Please ensure that TCP/IP is enabled.


3) Check service list if KNM service is installed and running

  • Stop the Kaseya Network Monitor and Kaseya Record Manager services on the KServer.

  • Navigate to the kaseya\knm directory.

  • Delete the following files: settings.rds, rmstorage, toplist.rds, log.rds, server.nxd.

  • Start the Kaseya Record Manager and Kaseya Network Monitor services again.

  • Please note that  "Kaseya Record Manager" service is available on KNM first complete startup



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