Monitoring Printer Levels

Kaseya Network Monitor v4.x
SNMP-enabled printer

This script will use SNMP to check the current levels of supplies (ink, toner, etc.) or input (paper) for any printer that has SNMP enabled, and configured to let the KNM host or gateway get values. Not all printers can present correct levels, so they might either not work with this script or they will only set an alarm if for example the toner is empty or there is no paper in the input storage for paper at all.

It will enumerate all supplies and all inputs for their levels, but the script will also let you exclude the indexes if you for example have a photo ink cartridge that is normally not present, or a paper tray that the monitored printer never uses. On the monitor's web page, after the monitor has run a test at least once, all supplies and inputs will be presented. Write down the indexes of the ones you would like to exclude and go back to the property page for the monitor to save an exclusion (you can exclude multiple units, separating them with a comma (ex. 2,4).

The script takes four parameters:

  1. What you want to monitor, input or supply levels
  2. Threshold. If the current level for any supply or input unit goes below this value (in percent), an alarm will be set
  3. SNMP community (if you don't know, try with "public" which is default on most devices)
  4. Exclusions of unit indexes, separated with commas


The presented result is utilization in percent with a list of each supply or input unit with their current levels. The monitor records the statistics for all tests, so that you can view graphs or watch for trends.

Download the script below, and save it in your script folder in your KNM installation folder. Then add a Lua script monitor to choose the downloaded script.

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