Distributed edition gateway error messages




Distributed edition gateway error messages

These error messages can be seen on the gateway information page or in the KNM log on the KNM server.




Gateway IP:PORT disconnected. Public host key sent to gateway did not match the public key stored by gateway. The gateway might need an updated public.key file if the server have been re-installed.



This error is generated when a public.key file on the gateway do not match the public/private key on the server.


The public.key file (together with the private.key file) is created when you install and configure the server for the first time. The public.key file is one of the files copied to the gateway host machine. The public.key file is used by the gateway when it connects to the server to verify that the gateway have connected to the correct server, and not a man-in-the-middle server. If you reinstall the server a new public.key/private.key pair will be created, thus invalidating any public.key file found on the already installed gateways.



Move the public.key file found in the KNM server root directory to this gateway again and restart the gateway.





Gateway tried to logon from x.x.x.x as %s2, but was refused. Reason: gateway %s3 is  already connected.




1.     The gateway was disconnected without the server noticing (gateway service restarted due to host machine power loss for example) and re-connected before the previous session timed out.

2.     There are two gateways installed with the same gateway configuration files.




1.     By design and will happen.

2.     Most common scenario is that operator installed a new gateway forgetting to install the old gateway. Uninstall the old gateway.


Public host key sent to gateway did not match the public key stored by the gateway



The gateway have an public.key file that cannot be validated against the private.key file stored by the server.


Can be happen if the server has been moved and the private/public key files where not copied during the move.



●      Open the property page of the gateway and click “Save”.

●      Download the new gateway configuration files (downloaded as a zip archive) from the gateway information page.

●      Shutdown the gateway.

●      Copy the files from the zip archive to the gateway root directory.

●      Start the gateway.           



Gateway login from %s failed. Reason: the username the gateway sent was not found.




Gateway login failed. Reason: the username the gateway sent was not found



1.     The gateway have been deleted but not uinstalled.

2.     The server is under attack.



1.     Locate the gateway and uninstall it.

2.     When this message is printed the IP address of the gateway or the attacker is placed in a IP tar pit. The IP tar pit slows down the attackers ability connect and try new username / password combinations.




Gateway connection was terminated unexpectedly



1.     Gateway crashed

2.     Gateway process was terminated by user or other program



Restart the gateway from the Windows service control. Control if there is a recent crash dump in the gateway directory and forward that to level 3 support for inspection.






Kaseya Network Monitor, KNM 4+


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