How to upgrade INM v4.0 to KNM v4.1


How to upgrade INM v4.0 to KNM v4.1

This guide does not apply to any other versions than those stated above.



1.     Stop the INM service

2.     Install KNM and stop the service from the service manager.

3.     Copy the following folders and files from the current INM installation to the new KNM installation.

a. \script

b. \gateways (Distributed edition only)

c. \backup

d. \dashboard

e. \mibs

f.  \reports

g. \statistics

h. \templates

i. \toplists

j. init.cfg

k. disttest.nxd (Distributed edition only)

l. private.key (Distributed edition only)

m. public.key (Distributed edition only)

n. dbconfig.nxd

o. settings.rds

4.     If you have enabled web server HTTPS, move the certificate to the new machine

5.     If you have developed your own system type or modified a default system type, make sure to move those files from the  \system directory to the \system directory on new KNM installation.

6.     Uninstall INM

7.     (Distributed edition only) For each gateway:

a.  Stop the INM gateway

b. Install the KNM gateway

c. Copy public.key and gatewaydata.nxd to the KNM gateway folder from the INM Gateway folder.

d. Uninstall INM gateway

e. Start the KNM gateway

8. Start the KNM service



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