Kaseya Network Monitor (KNM) settings database


Kaseya Network Monitor (KNM) settings database


KNM stores its settings in a database. Settings are for example a monitor configuration or an operator. Statistics are not stored in the database but in a propitiatory format in the statistics folder.


KNM v3.x and previous

KNM v3.x and previous is using a proprietary non-sql database. The database file is called settings.nxd.


KNM v4

KNM v4 uses FirebirdSQL 2.1 in embedded mode. The database files is called dbconfig.nxd and settings.rds


Note that altering the settings database using an external tool is not allowed and will void your support contract.

If you need to extract data from KNM, use the data extraction API


Kaseya Network Monitor, KNM 4+

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