Can I stop monitoring alerts during scheduled maintenance?

I have a maintenance window each week for my servers.
These machines have multiple monitor sets and alerts assigned.
Many of these alerts and monitor sets will fire during the maintenance due to the work that is being performed.
Is there a way that I can disable these alerts during the maintenance, without having to remove all the alerts?

Yes. Go to the monitor tab -> suspend alerts page.
Here you can tell the agent to ignore any alerts and alarms for the maintenance period.
All data will still be collected, but any alerts that would have been generated will be disregarded, so no tickets, emails or other actions will be taken.
This will not affect the applied alerts - they will continue to collect the the data, but will not take any action during the suspend period.

If this is going to be an ongoing situation, you can set this to suspend for 1440 minutes every day. This effectively suspends all alarms for 24 hours and runs every day, effectively suspending alarms indefinitely.

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