Typical “Counter Not Responding” problems (Version 6.3 and above) Advanced users only.

For 6.3 and above counter deployment and self-healing is done on the agent on a schedule, If a counter is not responding for about an hour after deployment before taking actions on analyzing the result of deployment.


The reason is that we have to wait for that long is that we scheduled agent’s monitoring component to run at 40 minutes interval, which will do self-deployment and self-healing.


We has agent on a 40 minutes schedule to avoid unnecessarily burden the agent with recursive operations. (This interval may be modified to be longer or shorter in the future.


  • If you know the set has been deployed for more than 1 hour: run this command will fresh LUA extensions on the agent and causes a simple redeployment of all assigned sets in database.

Update MonitorControl  set luaEnabled  = 0  where agentguid =’xxxx’

And wait for a bit for the redeployment of LUA and all redeployment of assigned sets.

  • If that still doesn’t work, it might be because the box has reached its counter limit, check if Perfmon has too many counters (most likely most of them are stale and stopped) already installed, if they do:


  1. if there is one Kaseya Agent on this box


Create a blank file named selfclean.txt  in C:\Kworking(agent temp)\KMonitorsets\ProcessingInfo folder and wait for the monitoring component to consume it, it will clean all the unwanted counters on that box and install the needed counters on that machine

  1. If there are more than 1 Kaseya Agent installed on this box, you need to manually remove all the unwanted counters belonging to that specific agents


And then run this command in database:

Update MonitorControl  set luaEnabled  = 0  where agentguid =’xxxx’

And wait for a bit for the redeployment of LUA happens

  • Of course, the following will cause redeployment of LUA for ALL AGENTS and all existing monitoring sets.

Update MonitorControl  set luaEnabled  = 0

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