Monitoring Alarms are not being generated


Monitoring Alarms are not being generated


This article will briefly suggest some ideas on what to check for monitor alerts not being generated for an agent or for all the agents on your kaseya vsa

If alarms for certain agents are not being generated, please go through below steps

  • Please ensure the alarm threshold is correctly configured in your settings and the data/status collected meets the trigger criteria
  • Please verify if monitor suspension is in place or not for those machines
  • Please verify if the monitoring setting had tickets and emails to be triggered as well along with alarm generation and in such case do you see these emails and tickets being created?Please submit the result to kaseya support when creating a ticket with them

If none of the alarms are being generated, please verify each of below steps

  • Please verify if 'Enable alarm generation' setting in system>configure page is enabled or not.This needs to be enabled for alarms to be working.
  • Please verify if any type of alarm is being generated or not. This can be either agent status or monitor set related or event log set related.Please let kaseya support know about this when submitting a case as this will help with troubleshooting.
  • Please verify if emails related to alarms are being generated or not. If emails and tickets are working but not alarms then this information will help kaseyasupport troubleshoot the issue further
  • Please ensure all the kaseya services are running. You need to make sure kaseya event service and kaseya plugin host service are running among others.If these services are stopped please run it and verify if the issue is resolved or not. If you keep seeing these services stopping please log a case with kaseya support.
  • Please verify if system>system log has any entry related to alarm creation including any error message.Please note it down and pass it to kaseya support when you contact them
  • Please open computer management>services and applications>message queue>private message queue>sort the thrid column 'Num' in descending order and verify if the queue related to alerts are being processed or not. It is worth verifying if any of the messages in the queue are being processed when you refresh every now and then. Please pass this information to kaseya support when creating support case. If you see messages related to alerts stacked up you would want to restart kaseya plugin host service and see if that helps or not.
  • Please open a browser on your kaseya server and please browse to below URLs
    • http://localhost/monitortab/processmonitoralarms.asp


    • http://localhost/localAuth/emailNotify.asp?pwe=fireEmailNotify
  • Please capture a screenshot of any error you may receive when browsing to above URLs and please submit the screenshot in your kaseya support case.The expected result is blank screen.

You may see the browser tab is processing when browsing to either of above URLs which could mean the alerts are being processed.If you see such case please verify alarms are being generated in monitor>alarm summary


For any further investigation, please submit the results of above steps to kaseya support via a ticket from


Applies to Kaseya Onpremise versions


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