How to Monitor RAM usage using Classic Monitor

Is there a way to monitor RAM usage with Kaseya
You can use Classic Monitoring >   Montor Sets to monitor this. 

Navigate to Classic Monitor > Edit > Monitor Sets
click new Monitor sets > then name and describe your monitor sets >click Save 
tick the box to Enable matching 
Step 1 and 2 Add Counter Threshold to select the object you wish to monitor then click next ( select what is applicable) 
Step 3 and 4> configure the collection threshold 
Step 5 and 6> configure warning level and Trending Alarm
click Save 

The to apply this you have to go to Classic Monitor > Agent Monitoring > Assign monitoring 
And to see how much RAM is being used, you will need to got to Classic Monitor > Agent Monitoring > Monitor log , this will display the monitoring object information in BAR chart and in table 

Please see this help file for more details on Monitor Sets.
Applies to 
Classic Monitoring
All Versions
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