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How do I Monitor a device from Kaseya using SNMP?
Here is an overview of how to set up SNMP monitoring: -

1) go to Monitor tab > Add SNMP Object - browse the MIB tree to see if the objects you wish to monitor exist - if they do, go straight to step 3

2) load MIB file from the device manufacturer using the Load MIB button

3) browse the tree and check the objects you want to add, then click the Add MIB Objects

4) you can now remove the MIB file using the Remover MIB button

5) go to Monitor > SNMP Sets and add a set for the device you want to monitor, selecting the MIB Objects you need from the drop-down

6) go to Monitor > SNMP Community and select an agent on the same LAN as the device you want to monitor - set the community string to the same as the device (usually 'public')

7) go to Monitor > LANwatch and run a scan from the agent you set the community name for

8) go to Monitor > Assign SNMP, find the device and associate it with the SNMP set created in step 5

9) check the SNMP log that it is returning data

For further details see the Monitoring Configuration Quick Start Guide.
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