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Reject timesheet from Time Tracking


How can we reject a timesheet from Time Tracking?



This only works if Time Tracking is not integrated with Service Billing because once the timesheet is sent over to the Service Billing module, they cannot be unapproved again.


The "Reject" is used before a timesheet is approved. When it is in the submitted status, then you can approve or reject. If you don't have Service Billing and is simply trying to reject this once approved time sheet, you can do the following:

1- Go to Time Tracking module
2- Timesheet Summary and scroll to the Period that the timesheet was approved
3- You will see a column called "Approved" and there will be a blue link number
4- Click that link number and all timesheets approved for that period will be shown
5-  You can then choose the timesheet that was incorrect approved and click on "Unapprove"




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