Customer Satisfaction Survey built-in to Service Desk




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    Robert Powell

    Many other service desks, like Zendesk, have this feature.  This would be great.

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    Surebridge IT

    I got as far as writing a SQL non query that creates a random number between 1 and 99 that executes when the ticket is closed. Then based on what the value is it will send out a separate message template to the customers. ie >90. Up to you how you want to complete the data for the survey. At least it is something :)


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


    <queryDef label="RandomNumber" sql="DECLARE @Random INT;
    DECLARE @Lower INT = 1
    DECLARE @Upper INT = 99
    SELECT ROUND(((@Upper - @Lower -1) * RAND() + @Lower), 0)" />


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    Marcos Chaves

    Ok, But where this command is informed?

    In the KASEYA SQL Database?

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    Larry McPhail

    This is almost a year old, but I just saw it, so figured I'd chime in. We use an "" survey, sent as an email link from a Service Desk message to a customer staff member named in the ticket. Can't show you all the pretty formatting and the underlying workflow here, but this is the gist of the message, which gets sent by Service Desk when an issue is closed. Works very nicely, with lots of nice analysis available, as well as Excel outfile so we can do our own, too. 

    ID:                     AT Customer Ticket Closed Survey - Staff
    Description:   Customer notification that a ticket is closed with survey request to staff
    Subject:          CLOSED [$Summary$] ([$Organization$] ~ticid='[$TicketId$]')
    From:              [=Email_KaseyaServer=]


    Ticket [$TicketURL$] has been closed. No further action is required from you regarding this ticket, but can you complete a brief survey to help us continue to improve? It shouldn't take more than a few minutes and it will help us improve our service to you.

    [http with survey URL and passed parameters link goes here]
    We value your opinion.
    Thank you, 
    SAFETiNETTM Support Team 
    SD-AT Customer Ticket Closed Survey - Staff rev002
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    Hi Larry,

    Can I have your email cause we are looking exactly at this type of survey.




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    Larry McPhail

    Sure, Tobias. Sorry for the delay, for some reason this just showed up in my email. 




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    Larry McPhail

    We use the survey tool (recently acquired by SSI) at We are sending to our own audience (customer submitters and staff) so we pay nothing, the survey tool is free, the responses are free (there is an ad on the last page to get paid for taking surveys). You can preview the survey that we use at  -- and not to worry, it is a preview, so it won't skew our results! There's some attractive analysis (and by analysis, I mean they display the survey results) available online, but you can download an Excel file with all the data for all responses, or a filtered set of responses. I'm going to try to attach some pictures. 

    Create a message template that gets sent to the Submitter (if that's the customer) or the Staff (of the customer organization). We usually send it to both, unless the submitter is one of our people. You can edit the message template to personalize it and include the link to the survey, and you can pass data to the survey. Typical ticket variable information can be included, the important part is the link to the survey. This is the link in our submitter survey message template:[$ticketid$]&email=[$submitteremailaddress$]&source=closed_submitter

    I've copied the message tempate and a couple of the screens below, take a look. 







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