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Spam Mails are being created as ticket, how to stop this ?

Spam Mails are being created as ticket, how to stop this ?
Filter /Reject inbound emails containing Spam by Navigating to Ticketing >Configure Ticketing > Email Reader> "Reject Inbound emails containg ...."
  • This option only displays for master role users. Enter text to ignore inbound emails containing this text in the subject line. Matching is case insensitive. Quotes and wildcard characters such as * and ? are interpreted literally as part of the string content.Create multiple filters using multiple lines. Multiple filters act as an OR statement. Surround whole words with spaces on both sides of each word. Example: 
                                          Do Not Reply 

  •  This same ignore list can be maintained in the Ticketing > Email Reader page and the Service Desk > Incoming Email and Alarm Settings > General tab. this list can also be maintained manually by editing the <Kaseya_Installation_Directory>\Kaseya\KServer\ignoreSubject.txt file for On-premise customer . 

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