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Why do some emails received do not appear to create or update tickets?

KB#:  KKB000427


Why do some emails received do not appear to create or update tickets?

When you click on the View Log button, on the Ticketing tab, Email Reader, the email reader log file shows entries of the form:

Duplicate email discarded. Email ID AAQSOABAAAwPRU5QNT01Q2k8y6CIa9uz. From: Subject: This is an example email.


The email reader uses the Email ID of the email to determine if it has received a new email or has downloaded a duplicate email from the POP reader a second time.

If it detects an email with a duplicate ID, that email is discarded and an entry is written to the event log.

The email UID is supposedly a 32 character unique ID assigned by the mail server to all emails. Note that it is different from the MIME Message-ID which is listed in the email header.

In some instances, your mail server may not provide a unique email ID to each message. You can see this because the "Email ID" looks like an index starting from 1.

The email reader caches the list of IDs processed in a file C:\kaseya\kserver\uidList.txt.

An interim solution to this problem is for you to delete the uidList.txt file when you see these discarded emails with very low ID numbers, which should allow you to resend the emails in question to the email reader to allow them to be processed correctly. You should however determine why your mail serve is not correctly assigning message IDs as a long term solution to this problem.



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