Why are the notify policies not sending out email notifications?


Email notifications are not going out when a ticket is created, an update is posted to the ticket, etc.



Many customers believe that the notify policies are not sending out email notifications, however, it can either be because they have not configured it properly or they do not have a clear understanding of the notify policy they have set and its behavior.

1. You must set a notify policy on both the organization and machine group. Setting the notify policy on only the organization does not mean that it will trickle down to its respective machine groups. If you set the notify policy on an organization, this specifies that tickets associated to an organization will receive the email notifications. If you set the notify policy on the machine group this means that an email notification will go out for tickets associated to a machine group or to a machine ID.

2. An email notification will only go out if a ticket is associated to an organization, machine group, or machine ID. An email notification will NOT go out if the ticket is associated to a staff record, department or inventory asset. This is by design.

3. If you have set the "Send auto response to emails creating new tickets" notify policy on organizations/machine groups this specifies that ONLY those tickets created by email will receive an email notification. Users that submit tickets via the UI or their agent icon will not receive an auto response since they are able to physically view the ticket get created.

4. If you have enabled the "Received emails send alert to assignee", this specifies that an email notification will only go out if the ticket was updated via email. If a ticket is updated via the agent icon or UI, an email notification will not go out. This is by design and a feature request to change this behavior as already been submitted.

5. It is NOT possible to have an email notification go out when a ticket is closed. The Ticketing module is not built around too much automation.

6. When a ticket is assigned to someone, an email notification will ALWAYS go out to the assignee. This is an internal notification that gets triggered. There is no way to turn this notification off. The email that is uses to send the assignee an email notification is the one in system tab > Users that is associated to that assignee/user

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