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Alert does not raise or delays alarms, tickets, emails

Alarms are delayed or not raised, emails delayed or not sent, tickets not raised or delayed and scripted actions not raised or run delayed when a particular alert occurs.
Checking the System tab > Statistics shows that there is a large number of Pending Alerts (300 or more). The number may fluctuate or may continue to increase, without ever reaching 0.

There has been an issue processing the alerts, resulting in a large number of pending alerts. This may be because the system has been temporarily overwhelmed by a large number of incoming alerts, or because there has been an error in the background processing of alerts.
Do the following steps, monitoring pending alerts stats on System > Statistics page after each step is completed to see if this resolves the issue.

1) Reapply Schema under the System > Configure tab.
2) Restart IIS using iisreset and Kaseya Server service on the Kaseya front end server.
3) Reboot the Kaseya server.
4) Raise a support call, referencing internal knowledge base article 297068. This is to ensure that we can diagnose the root cause of the problem before applying any further fixes.

Alternately, if you do not wish to interrupt access to your Kaseya server before engaging Kaseya support, raise the support call with the KB reference after reapplying the schema.
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