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Why are there Orphaned Tickets (tickets appearing under other machine groups or organizations)?

KB#:  KKB000256


When I filter by a certain group, it shows tickets from other groups as well. The machine or group appears in red, sometimes with a "?" in place of a machine name, and the tickets are visible regardless of the group filter.



When this occurs, this specifies that they have "orphaned tickets". Orphaned tickets occur when customer deletes a group/org/machine ID that is associated with tickets. The ticket will no longer be associated to anything, so since it can no longer be filtered by their own group/org/machine ID, they will appear when filtering by any other existing group/org. You can identify an orphaned ticket by going to the Ticketing tab > View Summary page. The ticket association will appear in red:


Customers have the following options to correct this issue:

1. Delete all orphaned tickets
2. Re-associate them with an existing machine group/org/ID
3. Create a new org and call it for example, Orphaned Tickets, then associate all orphaned tickets with it



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