Troubleshooting: Common Exchange Migrator Error Messages

Below is collection of common errors for the Exchange Migrator.

  • Upload of Message Failed : ErrorMissingEmailAddress.  This incidates that the Office 365 admin account being used does not have mailbox or that the wrong type of admin account is being used (password or billing admin)
  • Connecting to Remote Server Failed with the following error Message: The SSL Connection Cannot be Established.  This and similar errors are usually encountered when the application tries to connect to remote PowerShell in Office 365.  Verify you can manually connect to Office 365 via Remote PowerShell on the system.
  • Problems processing Mailbox “IMAPIOfflineMgr is not available”.  When exporting mailboxes you should be prompted for credentials.  When you are prompted the option to Save Credentials must be selected.  Other reasons this can occur are if you are unable to create an Outlook profile for the Administrator account on the server or the Administrator account specified on the Remote PowerShell connection screen does not have a mailbox in Office 365.
  • Problems processing Mailbox Wrong OS or OS version for application (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800401FA (CO_E_WRONGOSFORAPP)).  This typically indicates the wrong version of the Office 365 Exchange Migration tool has been installed.  For example, the 32 bit version of the Migrator is being run on a system which has the 64 bit version of Outlook.
  • MAPI_E_DISK_ERROR.  This error can be caused for a variety of reasons.  The most common would be that the user has the PST file open and the Office 365 Exchange Migration tool is unable to read from it (only one person can have a PST open at a time).  The other reason this would occur if there is a slow disk and the Office 365 Exchange Migration tool can’t read to or write from the disk.
  • MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER.  If you are trying to import a PST and there is an error code of ulContext: 805700609, then the likely cause is the PST file is password protected.  You must remove the password from the PST.
  • MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR.  This can be caused by not being able to resolve the name of the Exchange Server, make sure you can ping the exchange by its name.  Make sure the account has the appropriate permissions to access the mailbox, in the case of Exchange 2003 check they have Send/Recieve Permissions.
  • MAPI_E_CORRUPT_STORE.  This is typically caused by corrupted PST files.  You can try opening them with Outlook to confirm.  ScanPst.exe can also be run against them to try and repair them.

Updated: April 16, 2016

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