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How To: Exporting Public Folder to PST from On-Premises Exchange

The Exchange Migrator supports migrations of a PST file from On Premise Exchange.  To begin the process, click the Export Mailbox to PST from OnPremise Exchange.


Then fill out your connection details to your local Exchange server.  You can select Test MAPI Connectivity to Mailbox if you wish.


On the following screen is the list of options available to you.


Public Folder Export Options

Select Root Folder - Selects the Root Folder you want to use.  

Include SubFolders - Includes the SubFolders underneath the Root.

Export File Options

Select Export Directory - Selects the PST file for Export into.

Export Directory

  • Create New File - Recommend.  Creates a new file if one doesn't exist.
  • Use Existing PST file (if exists) - Not really recommend, but can be used if necessary.  Can be increase as high as you want to go here but be warned, the higher you go the more likely you are to run into problems.

Email Status Notifications

When checked, sends an email to the person who is in the email field.


Updated: April 16, 2016

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