Troubleshooting: On-premises Exchange Migration Errors

This article lists the general troubleshooting steps if you are encountering problems migrating on premises mailboxes to Office 365 using the Exchange Migrator.

  1. Ensure the Exchange Migrator prerequisites are met
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of the Exchange Migrator
  3. Ensure the local Admin account has a mailbox on the local Exchange server and has full access to the mailboxes being migrated.  Note the Exchange Migrator populates the list of available source mailboxes by reading the Active Directory.  It does not verify the Admin account has access to the mailboxes.
  4. Ensure the admin account specified to connect to Office 365 is a global administrator in Office 365 with a full mailbox license assigned.  A kiosk licensed admin account will not work.
  5. Verify that you can manually create an Outlook profile to connect to the local Exchange server on the Exchange Migrator workstation using the local admin account specified.  If you can connect to the local Admin mailbox, try and add the user you are attempting to migrate as an additional mailbox in the admin's Outlook profile.  This will confirm that the admin account has the necessary permissions to migrate the user's mailbox.
  6. Verify you can manually configure an Outlook profile on the workstation the Exchange Migrator is installed on for the admin account being used to connect to Office 365.  Manually setting up a profile will confirm that the autodiscover process is working and connectivity to Office 365 is working.
  7. Review the log file for the failed import located in c:\users\username\MessageOps\ExchangeMigrator\logs for error codes. Some common errors have friendly messages which identify the issue and provide instructions on how to resolve.

  8. Search the Kaseya Knowledge Base for error codes which don't have a friendly message associated with them

  9. If the error code is not in the Kaseya Knowledge Base or the steps provided do not resolve the issue, please open a support ticket and attached the log files to the ticket.

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