How do I Run Reports within 365 Command?


How do I run reports within 365 Command?


The List All Reports page allows administrators to run reports on various aspects of the 365 Command Mailboxes. These reports can be saved and viewed in a Csv, Excel and/or PDF format.

To Run a Report

  1. Log into 365 Command. The Mailbox Details dashboard page appears.
  2. In the horizontal menu at the top of the page, click Reports (Fig. 1). The Reports section details appear displaying all the reports that are available (Fig.1).
  3. Locate the report you want to run.

    Fig. 1 (Click image for magnified view)

    The report will load in a new window (Fig.2).

    Fig. 2 (Click image for magnified view)


  4. To Navigate the report

    Use the toolbar on top of the report to navigate between the pages of the report (Fig.3). To export the report into another format, click the Export button and select the format in the drop-down list that appears (Fig.3).

    To Save and/or View the Report in Csv/Excel/PDF

    To save and/or view the report in an available format such as Csv or Excel or PDF, click the format in which you would like to save and view the report (Fig.3). A dialog box appears asking if you want to open or save the report. Select the requisite option and view the report once the export is complete. 

    Fig. 3 (Click image for magnified view)


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