Office 365® Monitoring Service - Example Service Offering

Office 365® Monitoring Service - Example

Office 365® Cloud Optimizer Service

A Simple and Affordable Office 365 Monitoring, Optimization & Reporting Service.

Our Office 365® Cloud Optimizer Service is our professional service designed for Office 365 customers with a solid

understanding of Office 365, but with a need for enhanced visibility & guidance on optimizing 365 for their organization. It

takes a keen and constant oversight to manage Office 365 efficiently – much more than most small and mid-sized

businesses understand. The benefits of this service include:

 Reduced Costs

 Improved ROI

 Time Savings

Pricing: $1 to $2per month/per Office 365® licensed mailbox

Overview of Service Features

MSP NAME will provide a comprehensive service offering that will monitor, optimize and report on the various

aspects of your Office 365 Cloud services. This offering has three key features; Monitoring; Optimization and Reporting


We’ll get visibility into critical details needed to optimize your Company’s Office 365: <Insert MSP Name> will monitor

more than 100 critical details of your Office 365 Cloud on a daily weekly and monthly basis.

 Office 365, Exchange,

SharePoint, OneDrive

 Users, Groups, Mailboxes

 Settings

 Permissions

 Licenses


We’ll analyze your Office 365 critical details on a daily weekly and monthly basis as needed and make you aware of

ongoing opportunities that exist to ‘Optimize’ your Office 365 Cloud. Customers recognize key benefits from being

‘Optimized’, including:

 Reduced Costs

 Increased ROI

 Time Savings

 Increase Visibility

 Cross-Sell



<Insert MSP Name> will send you an Office 365 Executive Summary Report each month that will save you time by not

having to dig all around for the Office Data or use PowerShell to get it.

 Utilization

 Adoption

 Services

 Environments

 Sharing

 Increased Productivity

 Improve Utilization

 Reduce Risks

 Improve Services

 Upsell Opportunities

 Over 50 critical details about your Office 365

 Utilization, Services & Security

 This report is not available from Microsoft

Get Started

We’ll start monitoring 150+ critical details of your Office 365 Cloud Services. We’ll send you an Office 365 Executive

Summary Report each month with 50 hard to find critical details to give you enhanced visibility into your office 365 and to

save you time. Additionally, monthly or quarterly <Insert MSP Name> communicates with the customer and discusses

topics such as increasing Office ROI, improving user productivity or better securing Office 365.

Contact us for more information and to get started reducing costs, getting the most out of your Office 365 investment and

saving yourself time.


What do we monitor?

<Insert Partner Name> will monitor over 100 critical detail including the following tasks on a regular basis, such as:

Example of the over 100 Office 365 critical details we monitor as part of this service:

✔ Office 365 User Details

✔ Office 365 Mailbox Details

Security Password Options

✔ Passwords Expiring Soon

✔ Password Set to Never Expire

✔ Strong Password Required

✔ Strong Password Not Required

Mailbox Permissions

✔ Full Access Granted to Another

✔ Send as Granted to Another

✔ Mailbox Forwarded Externally

✔ Litigation Hold

✔ Blocked by Active Directory

✔ Mobile Devices added in last 7 Days

OneDrive Sharing

✔ Users Sharing Files Externally

✔ Externally Shared OneDrive Files

✔ Externally Shared OneDrive Files - 7


Office 365 Administrator Activity

✔ Office 365 Audit Log

Users & Groups

✔ Office 365 Licenses Allocated

✔ Office Licenses Available

Unused Services

✔ Group Count

✔ Contacts Count

✔ Recently Created Users - 7 Days

✔ Recently Created Users - 30 Days

✔ Licensed OneDrive Users


✔ Recipient Count

✔ Mailboxes Count

✔ Mailboxes Never Accessed

✔ Mailboxes Not Accessed 30+ Days

✔ Mailboxes Not Accessed 60+ Days

✔ Mailboxes Not Accessed 90+ Days


✔ Recently Created Groups - 7 Days

✔ Groups Without a Manager


✔ Site Pages Created Recently - 7 Days

✔ Lists Created Recently - 7 Days

✔ Libraries Created Recently - 7 Days

✔Environment Status

Users & Groups

✔ Office 365 Licenses Allocated

✔ Office Licenses Available


✔ Sent Mail Traffic - 7 Days

✔ Received Mail Traffic - 7 Days

✔Total Mailbox Storage

✔Total Archive Storage

Mailbox Quota Usage

✔ <50%

✔ 50-90%

✔ >90%

✔ Archives over 90% Quota


✔ Team Sites Deployed

Tenant Storage used

✔ Site Pages Created


✔ Storage Usage

✔ Business Sites Deployed

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