365 Command Free Trial Instructions

Free Trial Instructions


365 Command is a simple and affordable hosted service for organizations who want to monitor, manage and report on Office 365 better than they can do using the free Office 365 Admin Center.


If you want to see for yourself now how 365 Command by Kaseya gives you more effective monitoring, management and reporting Office 365, you can take a 14 day free trial.

Free Trial Link:


STEP 1: Enter details required to set up 365 Command account


STEP 2: Enter details to connect your Office 365 Admin Account to 365 Command


STEP 3: Go to your new 365 command account; Your Office 365 critical details will be retrieved from office 365

Once you have your free trial account you will want to try out:


  • Adding new Admin users to 365 Command

  • Executive Summary Dashboard

  • Monitoring over 150 Office 365 critical details

  • Office 365 permissions and access management functionality

  • Office 365 Reports functionality

  • 365 Account Management and billing details page

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to get started with a Free Trial of 365 Command?

You will need:

  • E-mail address not linked to any other 365 Command account

  • Office 365 Account

  • Office 365 Global Admin Credentials

How it does it work?

  • Create a 365 Command account - Sign up for 365 Command by creating an account and providing your Microsoft Office 365 credentials. We use these credentials you supply us to run Windows® PowerShell commands against your Office 365 account.

  • Data load - We run these commands in the background and load data about your account into a database. This allows us to run reports and statistics on your data, which would otherwise be very difficult to obtain. For some features of 365 Command, like password and permission updates, we execute PowerShell commands in real-time. We will send an automated email when we have completed loading your data for the first time.

  • Start using your tool - Access your Command 365 portal to perform tasks and generate reports

Are there any special equipment requirements?

No.  If you are able to use Office 365, your systems are compatible with 365 Command.


Does 365 Command use an agent on our computers?

No.  365 Command is agentless.


I just registered for 365 Command, but I don’t see any of my mailboxes or Office 365 data anywhere. Why not?


We pick up most changes to your O365 data through our incremental update process. However, if you need to see a recent change to a mailbox, user, device, group or permission in 365 Command immediately you can force an incremental update. To do this, click on the username in the top right of your screen and navigate to Account Management -> Data Load Status. There is a button at the top of the screen labeled Retrieve Recent Data. Use this button to request an incremental update. The update will run in the background, but user initiated requests have priority in our scheduling queue. It might still take a few minutes to get your data.


How is it Secure?

Please note that:

·       Your Office 365 credentials are encrypted using asymmetric encryption with 2048-bit keys

·       365 Command uses these credentials to receive meta-data only from your Office 365 account

·       365 Command does not access any files or emails from your Office 365 accounts at any time


Is the free trial a Limited Account?

No, it is a full featured account and will allow you to monitor, manage and report on all you users, mailboxes and services during the trial period.


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