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How can I export a mailbox using 365 Command?


The following screen allows you export Office 365 mailboxes to PST files. While there are some limitations on the number of connections it should continue to work. The limitations are:

  • 10 Mailboxes per week
  • 1 Mailbox per time
  • The Admin account specified must have a mailbox associated with it. A kiosk license will not work.
  • By default all mailboxes will be kept on the server for 2 weeks

While it is anticipated that these restrictions will be removed, it's important for us to keep track of how many people are using this feature.


In the example shown above, you simply select the Mailbox and then select whether or not you should export the Mailbox or Archive.  Click Export Mailbox.

After completion:

  • Additionally, if you click the Mailbox Name, you will be prompted to download the PST file.
  • If you click on the Status item, it should show the log file for the completed export.
  • When complete the Admin account will be sent an email, containing a link to download the PST file.

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