Create Mailbox Templates

Mailbox Templates allow you to apply common settings to groups of mailboxes after they have been created in a single step.  Once a template has been created, you can easily apply the settings contained in it to new users in the future.  The current list of settings that can be applied are:

  • Set Password to Never Expire
  • Set Mailbox Quota
  • Disable Mailbox Access Methods
  • Apply Mailbox Retention Policy
  • Set Mailbox Timezone
  • Set Mailbox Language
  • Enable Archiving on the Mailbox
  • Enable Mailbox Access Auditing
  • Enable Litigation Hold and optionally Set the Duration

The main screen of the Create Mailbox Templates is shown below.  From this screen you can either click the button to Create New Mailbox Template, or click on an existing template to modify its settings.


Let's say you want to create a template that applies the following settings to mailboxes:

  1. Sets a mailbox quota of 10 GB
  2. Applies a retention policy of Test-RetentionPolicy
  3. Sets the mailbox time zone to be EST
  4. Sets the mailbox language to English
  5. Enables Archiving
  6. Enables Litigation Hold with a 5 year duration

After clicking the Create New Mailbox Template, you will fill out the page as shown in the image below.


Once the appropriate options are selected, click the Create New Template button to save the settings.  The settings associated with any boxes that are not checked will not be modified.

Once the template is created, you are ready to apply it to mailboxes.

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