System > Outbound email is unexpectedly disabled

Update:  The patch has been released.  Original information on the issue remains listed below.


Primary Symptoms Reported:  

  • System > Outbound email is unexpectedly disabled

  • Policy Management View Compliance not updating on expected schedules


Cause:  Upon deletion of Discovery > Discovered Devices or  Networks, a stored procedure was erroneously editing key data in a scheduling table related to backend process schedules.  The procedure has been corrected.  User-defined schedules are not affected.


Affected Versions:  VSA R9.2 only.  Other product versions are not affected.


  • Patch will address the outbound email issue

  • Patch will address the Policy View Compliance issue


On Premise:  Administrators of On-Premise systems are strongly advised to apply each patch as they are released, even if the system has not displayed the above behaviors.  Follow this RSS Feed, email subscribe to the Patch Releases discussion forum, or visit the 9.2 Patch Release Notes documentation to stay apprised of new patch releases.


SaaS/Cloud:  Affected Kaseya-hosted servers will be patched as part of their standard maintenance cycles.  Refer to the Cloud Operations Status Dashboard for additional information.  


Interim work-around:  If your system is experiencing the behaviors described above, administrators are advised the Outbound Email function can be manually re-enabled using the System > Outbound Email function.  Policy View Compliance can be temporarily resolved by running System > Configure > Reapply Schema.  Note:  Kaseya recommends Reapply Schema be run during a maintenance window to limit impact of the outage during the Reapply Schema process.  Visit the help guide for information about Reapply Schema.  If any additional Discovery > Discovered Devices or Networks are deleted before the and patches are installed, administrators are advised to re-run Reapply Schema to address any system schedule issues and verify Outbound Email is enabled (if appropriate).


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