What is the kaseyasupport account used for?

I see there is a user called kaseyasupport in my Kaseya VSA. Who has created this user? What is this account used for? Is this user counting towards my admin user count?


Kaseya support engineers can solve problems within your system quickly and efficiently when they can directly access your Kaseya VSA Server or Kaseya Cloud tenant.

In order to do this, Kaseya Support engineers typically use a special user account called kaseyasupport. This account has Master role / Master scope on your system. This logon has a random secure password which is sent encrypted to our servers. We realize the security implications of providing access to your KServer. To protect this, your system creates a secure logon. No one has access to the password, not even the Kaseya support engineer. In addition, access via this method is logged and we can determine which support technician accessed your system and when. 

On-Premise Systems

1) When your Kaseya server checks into our License server, it reports the "external name / IP address" from the System > Server Management > Configure page and the port configured in IIS.

2) When you click the "Create" button under System > Server Management > Request Support, it creates / enables the kaseyasupport account, sets a random secure password and sends it encrypted to our servers. The password gets changed every time you click this button.

3) When Kaseya support personnel log onto your server, we use a link from our internal servers which automatically logs us on using the secure password and the URL determined as per #1 above. 

The advantages of this method are multiple, namely the support engineers don't know the password, access is audited tracking which technicians are logging in, and there is no need for you to write the password in an email or ticket note.

In some circumstances, the address reported may not be correct, either because the "external name/ip address" doesn't match the actual public facing address, or because the VSA doesn't correctly determine the port being used. In these cases, we may have to ask for a credential so we can log in manually. If we do so, we may store those credentials in an encrypted Secure Data section associated to your Organization. 

Kaseya Cloud Systems

In our Cloud products, due to their multi-tenant nature, the support account used is actually called kaseyasupportxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the tenant partition ID associated to your customer ID. For example KaseyaSupport96444123124151159181195912 is the support account used for tenant 96444123124151159181195912. Depending on your role/scope, you may see this account in the System > Users page.

The Kaseya Support account is enabled by default on your tenant, you don’t need to click on Create account; in fact, we have removed this function from your system. If you chose to delete or disable this account, we reserve the right to re-create it / re-enable it. Kaseya will not be able to provide support if you disable or delete this account.

Please note that, if you are using a product licensed on a per-administrator basis, the kaseyasupport account does not count towards your total admin user count.

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