Cannot log in. Returned to log on page.


Cannot log in. Returned to log on page. 


After trying to log in, you are immediately returned to the log on page.

After the first failed login attempt, you see an URL that includes this text: 

"Object reference not set to an instance..."

This text appears after the normal URL - e.g. after page=logon.asp...

Found that Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) could not start.

In one case, the Kaseya Server had been removed from a domain, and it appeared to cause this condition.

Removed MSMQ (removed Windows components using Control Panel)
Rebooted Kaseya Server
Enabled MSMQ using control panel "add/remove programs"
Rebooted Kaseya Server
Verified that MSMQ and all Kaseya services started.

Attempt to stop / start MSMQ. 


6.3 (also applies to other versions)

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