Weekly Schedules with Distribution Window Setting Defect


A defect has been identified that causes the weekly schedules that use a distribution window to ignore the allotted time and push schedules done via Policy Management to the selected agents at the same time. As an example, if patch schedules are set to be deployed to all agent machines at 8 pm ET with a 3 hour distribution window, the policy scheduler would instead schedule all the tasks to run at 8pm and not between 8pm and 11pm.



A fix was released in patch R9.2.0.14 that will correct this behavior in fixing the new schedules. For more information on how to fix affected schedules in existing policies that do not have a distribution window set, please read further below.


Fixing Existing Weekly Policy Schedules

To fix affected schedules in existing policies, please Reprocess the policies as described below so that the schedules are deployed again and follow the distribution window.

Important Note: Due to the strain that reprocessing policies can have on server resources for more than ~2000 agents, it is advised that, policies are either reprocessed during off hours or in staggered batches.


Steps to Reprocess Policies

  1. Go to Policy Management → Machines

  2. Select 50 - 200 agents

    Note: The number of agents that can be selected is based on the number of policies that need to be reapplied. If a high number of policies need to be re-applied, select 50 agents at a time. If only a few policies are running, then up to 200 agents can be Reprocessed at once.

  3. Reprocess the policies

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all affected agents have been fixed
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